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Installation: tile skerting per m

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Our Tile Skirting Installation Service:
Elevate your space with our professional tile skirting installation service, providing a refined finishing touch to your decor. Priced competitively at R55 per linear meter.

This specialized service includes:
• Precise measurement and cutting of tile skirting pieces to fit your space seamlessly.
• Preparation of wall and floor surfaces for optimal skirting installation.
• Secure attachment of skirting tiles to ensure durability and longevity.
• Grout filling and finishing touches for a seamless finish that complements your tiles.
• Cleanup of any debris or dust upon completion of the installation.
• Provision of necessary tools and equipment for the skirting installation process.

Please note that our service does not include:
• Supply of tile skirting tiles or additional materials beyond standard installation requirements.
• Repair or replacement of damaged wall or floor surfaces & disposal of old skirtings.
• Additional services such as painting or flooring installation.
If your project requires customization or falls outside the listed terms and conditions, please contact us at services@takelada.co.za for a personalized quote.

Terms & Conditions of Service:
• For service orders totaling less than R1200, a fuel fee of R500 will apply. This applies to your total order, meaning you can combine multiple service orders to reach R1200 and waive the fuel levy.
• The installation area must be accessible and cleared of any obstacles or furnishings before commencement.
• Our service includes a 6-month warranty on workmanship to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Trust in our Tile Skirting Installation Service for professional results, reliability, and a finished look that adds character and charm to your space.

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