• Free Gauteng delivery for orders over R700 site-wide.                       • Nationwide free delivery on orders over R700 (excluding furniture, TVs & fridges).                      • Delivery fees auto-added to cart.


Embrace the thrill of free nationwide delivery in Gauteng on orders over R700! For nationwide deliveries below R700, a mischievous R99 fee applies. Outside Gauteng, additional charges are: R950 for assembled furniture, R350 for flat-packed furniture, and R250 for TVs. Spend wisely and let the doorstep rendezvous unfold!


Great news! We’ve received your order and it’s currently in the queue for some behind-the-scenes action. Give us a little time, approximately 1-2 working days (excluding public holidays and weekends), to work our order-processing magic. Once we’ve worked our wonders, you’ll witness the enchanting moment when your order status changes from processed to shipped!


Hold onto your excitement! Your order has undergone the enchanting process of preparation and is now primed for its daring delivery adventure. In just 3-5 working days, prepare for the grand unveiling at your doorstep. Get ready to embrace your eagerly awaited treasure!


As you eagerly await the arrival of your order, the question arises: “How can I unravel the secrets of its journey?” Fear not, for we present three whimsical options! Behold the mystical email notification, carrying the key to tracking details. Enter the realm of your account, where the saga of delivery unfolds. Or wield the powerful “Track My Order” quick link, armed with the enchanted tracking number. Brace yourself for an adventure like no other as you uncover the captivating whereabouts of your cherished package!


Should your order arrive damaged, inform us within 48 hours for a swift collection and replacement. And if your order mysteriously disappears during its brave journey, we’ll rally our forces to deliver the lost/stolen goods to your doorstep. Your satisfaction is our ultimate quest!

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